Integral Labels welcome’s you to the wonderful world of Branding Labels.

Automotive Decals

Integral Labels Team has designed and developed a world class and innovative decals for our clients. Integral labels uses the latest state of the art screen printing Equipments with dust free & classified clean room environment, Highest quality raw materials with special adhesives & printing inks with Silicon free and ROHS approved to produce decals. The decals we produces for outdoor application will support for long term durability on the vehicles and equipments.
Our Decals pass the most stringent testing such as acid-alkali, fuel, oil, soap water resistance and heat resistance and all the technical testing requirements of OEM’s.

Eco domes

Eco domes is a patented technology for the manufacturing of 3D emblems, badges and letterings with an astonishing chrome effect.  Eco domes permits to realize three-dimensional and flexible emblems, badges and labels, of incomparable beauty and elegance through to simple and complex contour shapes.

Eco Domes has no limitation for finishes, textures and possible Color combination & possibility of realizing emblems for pressure sensitive adhesive or thermo adhesive applications.

Eco dome technology & concept can be used massively in present Automotive (2 wheeler & 4 wheelers), Marine, Motorcycle, Advertising, Electronics & Appliances other markets.

Graphic Overlays

Integral labels has designed & developed the Overlays that are more prominent  both aesthetically and  functionally. Overlays need to be built to endure frequent consumer usage and application.

Integral labels produced Graphic Overlays are widely used in the consumer industries on Control Panels of Washing machines, Dish washers, Air coolers, Driers & other Home Appliances..

Our overlays are built-to-last; ensuring a life long term durability.

Metal Name Plates

Integral Team has a Mastery & specialization in manufacturing of Name Plates from high quality Anodized Aluminium, Brass & Stainless Steel as per the customer’s requirements.

Our production setup  is equipped with machineries to handle printing, buffing, anodizing, forming and blanking operations.

When it comes to Aluminium badges, we offer high quality printing with metallic and non-metallic inks, Chemical Etching along with precision embossing, Debossing and Blanking to any profile.

Metal Name Plates we produce are widely used in Identification. Fascia Control Panels mostly used in branding by automotive, appliances & all engineering  OEM’s.

Dome Labels

Integral labels has got a world class facility to manufacture Poly Urethane Resin coated dome labels that are used in a wide range of home appliances, Automobile industries and electronic industries & finds a widespread usage in appliance and automotive industries both indoor and outdoor applications.

Polyurethane capping adds to aesthetics and durability of the logos. Integral Labels  offers robotized micro doming and script doming, capable of resisting minor dents and scratches. PU Dome Labels adds Striking looks, Smooth finish, Light fastness, Non-scratch abrasion resistance & Solvent repellence.

Die Cut Tapes

Integral labels  has an expertise in manufacturing and supplying of a   comprehensive range of Die Cut Tapes in varied shapes.

These tapes are precisely cut with high precision  Laser die in line with Logo/Emblem shapes contributing to Brand building.

These tapes are supplied with easy to mount features suited for all  types of moulded  parts in assembly line.

Membrane Switch

INTEGRAL LABELS is a supplier of membrane switches in India & several leading International OEM’s from appliance, electronic, automotive & other industries.

Integral labels have dedicated team & facility to design to meet any critical process, Membrane switch can be used together with other control systems such as touch screens, keyboards & lighting.

We Provide  Membrane Switch that are thin and flexible  have a Long Actuation life with Customized Design with Various Textures on the whole surface or selective with Clear Window for Displays are Aesthetically Appealing,  with LED /EL Incorporation.

Roll Form Labels

Integral labels manufactures a wide range of printed and blank  roll  to roll labels with highest degree of  quality, consistency & reliability to meet specific need of end users.

Roll form labels can be supplied with various types of materials like Paper, Vinyl and Polyester which can be used in very high volumes for indoor and outdoor applications.

Integral Team has an expertise in providing complete Barcode solutions including software, printing and labels with consumables.


Logos and 3D Lux are important products, they deliver the legacy of the clients’ brands. we acquired a patented
technology to push the quality and deliver high-on-impact logos. We offer these in different materials and finishes –
chrome, satin, coloured and brushed finishes. Thanks to our expertise, even complex outputs like freestanding or pre-
spaced lettering or just about and shape is possible to output. We also offer the best alternative to chrome plating –
which is more environment friendly. We are proud of the fact that we make logos for some of the most iconic brands in
the world.